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Do you have free CNC capacity? Become our partner

Join the largest CNC machining network in Europe, start receiving new orders and growing your business. The enrollment process takes just two short steps.

What are the benefits of joining Shift network for a CNC workshop?

Basically, Shift acts as an external sales team for the providers - we bring them CNC machining orders. For free. We do not bother our partners with multiple fruitless enquiries - workshops receive firm orders from us and have the choice whether to accept it or not. 
 Shift helps workshops to increase utilisation of their CNC machines by sending them orders from countries and customers they could not serve before.

Does Shift require any certification from a workshop to join your network?

Most of the CNC workshops in our network have ISO 9001 certificate. However, this is not a mandatory condition. Some orders though may require specific certification. During CNC workshop enrollment we collect all necessary information about provider capabilities, experience and certification.

Being a part of Shift network, do I have to accept every order sent to me?

No. You always have the right to pass. But if you reject an order, we need to know why so that in the future we send you more relevant orders.