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Sheet metal processing: aluminium, steel, copper & more

We provide metal cutting services for the fabrication of parts out of sheet metal (aluminium, steel, copper alloys and other). We use such technologies as CNC laser cuttingplasma cuttingwaterjet cutting. The automated cutting processes guarantee high precision and quality of ready parts.

All parts can be subject to post-processing upon your request: coatings, heat-treatment and others.

Requesting a quotation for sheet metal processing is easy: just upload your files with drawings, 2D-models or sketches in any popular format.

Instant Quoting
Get DFM feedback, lead times, and pricing in a matter of clicks, not days.
Open Capacity. Always
Thanks to our diverse network of workshops, we can always start on your part quickly.
Status Updates and QA
We provide regular status updates and strong Quality Assurance to deliver your order on time.
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How it works?

Simple process of ordering parts

  1. Upload your files: drawing, 2D or 3D model or sketch
  2. Get an instant quote with price and delivery time
  3. You confirm the order
  4. We start production immediately
  5. When the parts are ready, our QA engineers verify the quality
  6. We deliver your order

Advantages of ordering CNC cutting services from us

Speed:instant quoting and rapid production

Free capacity: having over 170 verified European partners in our network, we can always offer you free production capacity

Quality: we provide thorough quality control before we send the parts to the customers

We serve various industries

  • Machine building
  • Engineering and design
  • Metalworks
  • Electronics
  • Furniture and city infrastructure
  • Robotics
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Musical instruments
  • Civil construction
  • Many others

Samples of CNC machined parts that we produced

See more in our instagram@xometryeurope

Still not sure?

Send us an email or call us +49 89 38 034 818

CNC machining processes


  • Coating:    Galvanic Zink,    Nickel,    Chrome,    etc.
  • Aluminium anodising:    Color,    Hard
  • Surface Finish:    Polishing,    Blasting,    Painting,    Powder Coating
  • Heat treatment:  +NT; +QT